Hostgator Review

December 12, 2011

As you may have already realized, finding the perfect hosting service provider for your website is not as easy as you thought it would be, but if you want to learn more about Hostgator, one of the largest and best hosting service providers in the world, then you are most definitely in the perfect place. Hostgator is without a doubt a leading hosting service provider, but there are a great number of factors to consider when choosing a certain hosting service provider.

First of all, lets talk about what Hostgator can offer you and at what price it can offer you what you need. It terms of features, Hostgator never disappoints, as Hostgator can offer you pretty any type of service you are looking for. With over 5 million registered domains, Hostgator is definitely a top choice when it comes to hosting providers, as the immensity of the number of domains stands as solid proof for the quality of Hostgator’s hosting services.

But why should you choose Hostgator instead of another large hosting service provider? Well, the main reason and the thing Hostgator does best is cPanel hosting. The cPanel hosting they offer is only 3.96$ a month and it is beyond any doubt amazing. If you are not a computer science graduate, but you still want to be able to manage your website with great ease, then you should most definitely opt for Hostgator’s cPanel hosting package. And for the amazingly low price of just 3.96$ a month, you can’t really complain.

Even if you require a little more and if you need much more than just the basics, Hostgator is still an incredible hosting service provider. From dedicated servces to VPS and even reseller hosting plans, you can get anything you can possibly want from Hostgator and all that for an insanely low price. For just 3.96$ per month, you also get unlimited subdomains, super cheap domain registration, more FTP and email account than you could ever need and the best possible support for your hosting service. This is the best side of Hostgator. Whenever you require professional assistance with everything related to hosting your website, you can easily and quickly get it for free from Hostgator’s Support Team, as the team is world renowned from its speedy and highly proficient service.

With Hostgator, you can opt for three major shared hosting plans. The basic plan is the best plan for single domain hosting and the best for the average website. The baby plan is suitable for unlimited domain hosting and for website owners in need of multiple domains for different purposes. On the other hand, if you are the onwer of an online store, then you can always opt for Hostgator’s business package, which is specifically designed to suit all the needs of an online store owner. The business package also includes a free SSL certificate along with HTTPS encription. You can also opt for Linux or Windows hosting and you can also opt for a dedicated server. Hostgator’s cPanel is powered by the award winning Fantastico engine, which will make your life a lot easier. Managing, updating and greatly improving your website will be easier than ever before, thanks to Fantastico.

One other great advantage is you can even get all your money back, with Hostagor’s 45 day money back guarantee plan. The plan is available for free and comes with any type of package, so rest assured that you are going to get all your money back in the event that you are not satisfied with the hosting services provided by Hostgator. If you want to sum up Hostgator in one sentence, you can say that Hostgator is an amazing and incredibly cheap hosting service provider that is definitely worth it! If you are looking for high quality and highly affordable services, Hostgator is without a doubt your best bet!

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