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Why We Like Bluehost

From the business owner to the individual who desires full functionality on a small budget, Bluehost provides your complete web hosting solution. Bluehost has been providing quality web hosting solutions to businesses and individuals since 1996. They provide outstanding services for the best possible price. To achieve this they are constantly innovating and upgrading their services at no additional cost to their customers (that’s us). Next, Bluehost is a techie’s dream. Literally! The company was founded by Matt Heaton, an engineer who has maintained his commitment to providing an outstanding backend and staying one step ahead of the curve on applications. Thus, Bluehost was first to launch SimpleScripts, which is arguably the best tool on the market for installation and version control of top apps, including WordPress, Drupal and Joomla. Matt and team also introduced the concept of VPS Protection, a technology that tightly manages resources and prevents the performance challenges that impact most shared hosts. Their focus on using technology to simplify web site manage has paid off.


Like most hosts, Bluehost has built a secure backend. But again, being managed by true tech lovers, the team has invented several clever additions that add to the security of the platform and the customer websites. They even provide customers with a security checklist. No matter which host you choose, you should keep a copy of this by your computer! ( Consider this out little gift to you.

Hosting Features

Bluehost offers unlimited disk space, bandwidth and email, which are managed through a customized version of cPanel. The more technical buyers will be pleased to find SSH and RubyOnRails (RoR) as well. There is a site builder, and of course WordPress. Bluehost is also one of the few hosts providing free domains to renewing accounts as well.


Bluehost’s VPS Protection is a great bonus. In most server-based hosting platforms, the activity of a single user can result in less disk space, bandwidth and memory for other users. In other words, if a user gets their site spammed or is intentionally over-utilizing system resources, the other sites on that server experience performance degradations. But Bluehost’s proprietary technology protects customers from that and closely manages the system resources on a user-by-user basis. The result is very consistent performance for all customers.

Control Panel

It came as no surprise that Bluehost, in common with most web hosting providers these days, supplies the industry standard cPanel for administration of your web-sites. cPanel is popular with good reason, as it very easy to navigate and provides access to all the configuration options you could wish for.

In addition to the normal configuration options, the Bluehost panel offers a web-based file manager and easy to use Page-Wizard, allowing reasonably professional looking web-pages to be created with a minimum of fuss. Fantastico script support is also available via the panel.

Scripting Support

As mentioned above, Bluehost provide Fantastico script support via the Bluehost panel. This allows the easy installation and upgrade of dozens of useful software packages, including packages for blogging, forums, content management systems, picture galleries, online surveys and polls etc. Fantastico has built an admirable reputation among users and by making it available, Bluehost has added enormous value to their already excellent hosting plan.

For those that prefer to install their scripts manually, Bluehost offers a large variety of industry standard scripting languages, including PHP4, PHP5, PERL5, Python, Ruby / Ruby on Rails and of-course, CGI.


Massive storage space, bandwidth and plan features are of no use if your chosen web host lacks basic network reliability. Nothing sours a relationship with a web host faster than frequent downtime. Of-course, some planned downtime is unavoidable, for things like network upgrades and maintenance, but a good host will keep such outages to a minimum and provide adequate warning to their customers.

This reliable host has no trouble reaching the industry standard (or we like to think of it as the ‘magic number’) 99.9% that is often quoted by other web hosts.

Technical Support

Bluehost give customers a number of choices when it comes to technical support. Firstly, there is the superb on-line help-center, where you can browse or search a large knowledgebase of articles on a diverse range of subjects; this is often the quickest and easiest way to solve a problem. The help-center also provides the ability to open a support ticket directly to Bluehost support staff. We opened a number of support tickets during our test period and found the replies to be both prompt and accurate.

For those that prefer receiving their technical support from a ‘real live human’, Bluehost provide a 24 hour / 7 day technical support phone number. All of Bluehost’s support is provided right from the corporate offices in Utah. And, it’s staffed by folks with strong tech backgrounds. In fact, many of the Bluehost engineers get their start is support, which helps them really understand their customers. Give them a call or take a moment to chat with them before you buy. You’ll find a top-notch team committed to their customers’ success.

Bluehost also has a separate technical support number for those customers outside of the United States.

Bluehost web hosting

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