My Name is Lennie Appelquist, the Founder of FreeMarket Hosting. I have been in the Web Design business for over 10 years. From experience, I can tell you that one of the most frustrating things for myself (and for my clients) has been Finding, not just a decent web host, but finding GREAT web hosting!. It was frustrating trying to figure what features each company offered, and how they matched up against each other. What really put me in search of that elusive excellent web host was the day that my dedicated server, where I was hosting over 100 client sites crashed and the hosting company, for all intents and purposes, said: “Too Bad”. OUCH!

After searching, testing and pushing the limits of various web hosts, I have now put together this site with my first 5 recommendations: FreeMarket Hosting.

What Makes This Site Unique?

Getting your business website or Personal website together can be daunting enough (need help getting yourself rocking the internet with a new website? FreeMarket Media Group is your Web Design answer) – yes that was a shameless plug. So this site was born out of my desire to help you see how some great web hosting companies stach up against each other.

Here at freemarkethosting.com, I want to help you navigate these sometimes tubulent waters.I have been there before , and can feel your frustration and confusion, and I want you to find the best web host possible. You will find that I provide you all the information you need to make an informed decision for your hosting needs. It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for discount hosting, a comparison of control panels and customer service or you want to be environmentally conscious, we have vetted your web hosting options for you.

The Benefit for Us?

So, what do I, get out of this? Well, running the site is not free. To offset that factor, some links here will take you to our affiliates. My promise to you is that this doesn’t affect the reliability, truthfulness and value of the comparisons found herein, though. I believe in honesty, and believe that laying it all on the line from the outset is vital.

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